We are a highly dynamic, competent, fast growing Certification & Training organization.

FQC value proposition

We have in depth understanding of the highly competitive rapidly changing market and we are in constant dialogue and consultation with our partners and clients.

  • Conducting effective audits with professional auditors so that help our clients mapping their road for success
  • Designing innovative learning and development solutions which will boost people performance and business results as well.

Why you Should Select FQC as Management Systems Registrar

FQC is one of the leading ISO Registrars for the materials, manufacturing, shipping and distribution, marine services, and other service industries.
When you choose FQC for your ISO registration services you also receive a number of value-added attributes. FQC provides:

  • Professionals with extensive industrial experience as auditors and trainers

  • Lead Auditors that are also trained and qualified as Management System auditors, which supports FQC’s ability to provide cost-effective, integrated QHSE auditing

  • A variety of approaches to registration, including continuous surveillance at annual intervals

  • Opportunities For Improvement, which represent value-added observations made by our auditors

Again…WHY US?

If you are ever contemplating why you should choose FQC as your number one provider for Certification and/or Training, then here are 7 main reasons to consider.

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