ISO 28001 Supply Chain Security Management System Certificate

  • ISO 28001 is a supply chain security management system. In recent situation, where an environment of increasing competition and developing economic chain, companies strive to increase their market share and reducing costs to compete. In many organizations, security problems that may arise in the supply chain rings adversely impact on organizations. It is of utmost importance to accurately identify and manage the risks associated with such organizations’ supply chain.
  • As global trade grows, so does the opportunity for criminal elements to infiltrate your supply chain. Supply chain security management systems based on ISO 28001 certification standards determine the level of risk throughout supply chain activities. This information will then allow your organization to perform risk determination and implement the necessary controls with supportive management tools.
  • In the ISO 28001 the meaning of security is defined as opposing intentional and unauthorized actions to harm or create damage to the supply chain. As such, organizations are expected to conduct risk assessments in some areas and control their risks both internally and externally. It is important to ensure that the supply chain is correctly established and properly managed and pay attention to the critical security points in the supply chain of organizations.

Basic principles

ISO 28001 Supply Chain Security Management System Benefits

  • Organizations need to proof to themselves that their business is going in safe manner as some organizations see that possible security threats away from them, or not be affected by threats, which may cause a security weakness in these organizations.
  • It is seen that creating the structure that the system envisages by controlling the supply chain in your business, your costs will decrease and as a result helps increasing quality and client’s satisfaction, in which certifying by ISO 28001 becomes crucial.
  • ISO 28001 is compatible with ISO 9001 and other management systems, aims to reduce costs and eliminate risk factors that may an organization faces.
  • Acknowledge to ISO 28001 system, security risks are identified in all industrial sectors, necessary preventions are considered and taken, such that all possible damages are minimized or prevented

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